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Federal Work Study

Federal Work-Study is awarded as part of a need-based Financial Aid based on information received from the FAFSA. The Federal Work-Study Program provides jobs on campus for students with financial need allowing them to earn money to help pay education expenses.

Students will earn at least the current federal minimum wage, but the amount could be higher depending on the type of work performed and the skills required. The total Federal Work-Study award depends on when you apply, your level of need, and available funds.

Students will be paid by the hour for all hours worked. The school will pay the student directly by check or the student may elect to have the school make payments by direct-deposit to their bank account. Awards are not paid directly to the university for institutional charges such as tuition, fees, and room and board.

Students may work a maximum of 20 hours per week but not more than 8 hours in a 24 hour period during full-time enrollment periods or a maximum of 40 hours per week during non-enrollment periods, such as Thanksgiving, and Spring break. The amount you earn cannot exceed your total Federal Work-Study award.

Application process

Departments that want to hire work study students and students who want to apply for work study positions should familiarize themselves with our work study application process.

Open work study positions

Department:   Student Life

Location: Benedum Center G10B

Contact Person: Michael Sheldon

Contact Information:   Phone Number: 304.929.1310

Job Description: Intramural Office- manage and officiate intramural games. Resolve conflicts if they arise. Keep records of scores of games.

Skills Needed: Knowledge of rules in variety of sports. Ability to mediate conflicts, ability to work under limited supervision

Number of Positions: 3

Schedule: daytime, evening and weekend

Type of Position: Federal and State funding  

Department: Tech Collegian

Location: House 505 Room number 209

Contact Person: Emily Sands

Contact Information: Phone Number: 304.929.1232

Job Description: Newspaper editor- Edit papers, layout. Staff Writer- write newspaper articles.

Skills Needed: Ability to compose newspaper articles, follow instructions.

Number of Positions: 10

Schedule: daytime, evening and weekend

Type of Position: State funding and Federal work-study

Department: Human Resources

Location: Benedum Center Room Number 100

Contact Person: Karen Amey

Contact Information: Phone Number 304.929.1288

Job Description: Answering phones, filing, copying, HR Researching. Excel spreadsheets, database maintenance, small HR Project work, and WVU Hire

Number of Positions: 3

Skills Needed: Customer service skills, Microsoft suite

Schedule: daytime

Type of Position: Federal work-study

Department: Athletics- Softball

Location: TBD

Contact Person: Amber Affholter

Contact Information: Phone Number 304.929.6256

Job Description: Answer phones, Recruit spreadsheets, office filing, clean up field, laundry

Number of Positions: 1

Skills Needed: Customer service skills, Microsoft word, Excel

Schedule: daytime, evenings, weekends

Type of Position: Federal work-study

Department:  Information Technology Services

Location: LRC 319J   

Phone number: 304.929.0318

Contact Person:  Michael Webb

Contact Information:

Job Description:  General PC support, inventory control, end user support, moving PCs, setting up technology

Number of Positions: 4

Skills Needed: Basic PC Technician skills, Windows 7 and 10 knowledge, Comp Sci or CIS major

Schedule: daytime, evenings, weekends

Type of Position: Federal work-study

Department: Social Sciences-Forensic Investigation

Location: Classroom & Crime Scene House 101E/CSH 

Phone number: 304.929.1314

Contact Person: Roger Jefferys

Contact Information:

Job Description: Preparation and cleaning of crime scene house labs-set up scenes/labs, move items, general cleaning, observe labs. General office tasks, assist with putting together promotional material.  Assist with forensic activities during visitations and other forensic related events

Number of Positions: 2

Skills Needed: Must be able to lift items (25 lbs or less)

Schedule: daytime, evenings, weekends

Type of Position: Federal work-study

Department: Sports Information/Athletics/UR

Location: Various Bldgs/Fields  

Phone Number: 304.929.1401

Contact person: Becky Brouse

Contact Information:

Job Description: Assist SID as needed-stats, live stream/video, pre & post events set-up, social media coordinating, office work with research as necessary

Number of Positions: 5

Skills Needed: Knowledge of Tech’s 15 varsity sports, minor tech skills, professionalism, schedule flexibility

Schedule: daytime, evenings, weekends

Type of Position: Federal work-study

Department: Upward Bound

Location: Benedum Center G2   

Phone number: 304.929.1290

Contact Person: Andrea Fordyce

Contact Information:

Job Description: Office Aide—Filing, organizing, answering phone, data entry

Number of Positions: 1

Skills Needed: Computer skills,  ie Office Suite, and detailed oriented

Schedule: daytime, weekends

Type of Position: Federal work-study

Department : Facilities Management

Location: Facilities

Phone number: 304.929.0325

Contact person: Jerika Jones

Contact Information:

Job Description:  Custodial work-cleaning, dusting, mopping, picking up trash, etc. 

Setting up events, grounds work-landscaping, cutting grass, weed eating

Number of positions: 2

Skills needed: Must be able to drive, lift 30 lbs and perform manual labor, as well as showing up for the job and being detail oriented.

Schedule: daytime

Type of position: Federal work-study

Department : Social Sciences and Public Admin

Location:  Classroom Building 602

Phone number: 304.929.1316

Contact person: Dr. Fahad Gill

Contact Information:

Job Description:  The successful candidate will be expected to assist in the ongoing research projects under the supervision of Dr. Fahad Gill.  The current research effort is aimed at understanding labor market outcomes of immigrants and minorities.  The student worker will primarily assist in writing literature reviews and research proposals.  To this end, the student will survey the literature using online journals and draft summaries of the current state of knowledge pertaining to various issues in economics of immigrants and minorities

Number of positions: 1

Skills needed: Ability to read/skim through research papers (English Language comprehension) and, to write (formal written communication) summaries based on these readings.  Training and guidance will be provided.

Schedule: daytime, evenings

Type of position: Federal work-study

Department :     Student Health              

Location:  Life Sciences Building 108

Phone number: 304.929.1241

Contact person:  Peggy Lambert-Fink

Contact Information:

Job Description:  Office work; answering phones, filing charts, scanning files, organizing materials and records, ordering supplies, making appointments, public events as needed and as students schedule allows.

Number of positions: 3

Skills needed: Computer skills, people skills, reading, and decision-making

Schedule: daytime, evening, weekend

Type of position: Federal Work-study

Department :     Beckley Police Department

Location:   Police Department 

Phone number: 304.245-1720

Contact person: Capt. CD Mullens

Contact Information:

Job Description:  Clerical work, data entry, filing paperwork, scanning reports into Laserfiche

Number of positions:  2

Skills needed: Basic computer skills

Schedule: daytime, evening, weekend

Type of position: Work study

Department: Department of Social Sciences

Location: Classroom Building          Room Number: 200 

Contact person: Dr. Fahad Gill 

Contact Information:  Phone Number: 304-929-1316 

Job Description: Student will be working under the supervision of Dr. Fahad Gill develop online course content for various courses in economics. The student will also provide support in various teaching and research activities, such as searching for information on google scholar. 

Skills needed: Training will be provided. 

Number of positions:

Schedule: Daytime, evening, weekend 

Type of position: Federal Work Study 
Department: Physical Sciences  

Location: Physical Science Building 

Contact person: Hasan El-Rifai 

Contact Information:  Phone Number: 304-929-1355 

Job Description:  Student Assistant will assist the supervisor and other Physical Science Department Faculty Members with: organization and placement of equipment and chemicals, inventory of equipment and chemicals, repair of equipment, completion of purchasing documents for equipment repair parts, on-line searches for information, electronic filing, and copying.
Skills needed: (1) Must have completed or be capable of completing chemical safety training and any other formal or informal training necessary to insure the worker’s and his/her coworkers safety and compliance with all applicable state and federal regulations, (2) have or develop capability to use Microsoft Office applications and equipment/chemical inventory software, and (3) be able to lift 50 lbs 

Number of positions: 2

Schedule: Daytime, evening, weekend 

Type of position: Federal Work Study

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