Financial Aid
Application Process

For departments who want to hire a student worker:
  1. Complete the 2017-18 Student Worker Request Form and send it to Financial Aid for approval. 
  2. Financial Aid will post the job or jobs on the Financial Aid website under Student Employment.
  3. After your department has selected or approved a student to hire for the position, you should work with the student to complete the Student Employment Work Authorization (SEWA) form.
  4. The student should take the SEWA form to Financial Aid (Benedum Center) for processing.
  5. The student should then take the SEWA form to Human Resources (Benedum Center) for processing.
  6. The student will then return the SEWA form to the hiring supervisor, which will include the date the student can start working. 
For students who want to apply for a position:
  1. If you want to apply for a specific job posting, please reach out to the contact listed for that posting to set up an interview.
  2. If you've been selected, work with your contact at the department to complete the Student Employment Work Authorization (SEWA) form.
  3. Take your completed SEWA form to Financial Aid in the Benedum Center to have the Financial Aid section completed.
  4. Take your SEWA form (with Financial Aid section completed) to Human Resources in the Benedum Center to have the HR section completed.
  5. Take your completed SEWA form to the hiring supervisor in the department where you'll be working.
  6. Work with your contact in the department to set up your work schedule - and then show them what Golden Bears can do!

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