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Financial Aid

Financial Aid Code of Conduct


This code of conduct applies to all West Virginia University divisions and to all trustees, employees, officers and agents of the school, including without limitation individuals who are employed in the Financial Aid Office or who otherwise have responsibilities with respect to education loans. West Virginia University is a participant in the Federal Stafford Direct Loan programs. This code reiterates and reflects the school’s continuing commitment to conducting financial aid practices with integrity, free from conflicts of interest, in the interest of students, and in compliance with applicable law [Higher Education Opportunity Act, 20 U.S.C. § 1094 et seq. (“HEOA”)].


For purpose of this code of conduct, lender means: (a) Any entity that itself or through an affiliate engages in the business of making loans to students, parents or others for purposes of financing higher education expenses or that securitizes such loans; or (b) Any entity, or association of entities, that guarantees or services education loans; or© Any industry, trade or professional association that receives money from any entity described above in subsections (a) and (b).

West Virginia University:

In addition, West Virginia University Financial Aid Office is committed to:

Final: April 23, 2010

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