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Financial Aid

Student Employment

WVU Tech offers positions for both Federal Work Study students and Institutional (formerly "State") Work Study students. 

Institutional Work Study (formerly "State Work Study")

The institutional student employment program is designed to help you earn money while in college and give you work experience. Institutional student employment is different from Federal Work Study. A federal work study award is not required for institutional student employment. Certain departments will offer institutional student employment based on their budget. While departments have the option of posting positions to Handshake, most will be filled by individual departmental selection.

Student workers starting wages is up to the department and depending on funding in the budget.  They can work a maximum of 20 hours per week and are not permitted to work when the university is closed, except for fall and spring break periods.

A new process will require all supervisors to participate in the Federal Work Study training and complete its associated assessment, however there are some differences in the process for institutional student employment such as:

Additionally, supervisors may now request a pay rate increase for their student workers, request a position change, or request to release a student from their employment by emailing the Human Resources Office (Shared Services) at

To sign into Handshake, student will use the same credentials they use for WVU Login


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Federal Work Study

Federal Work-Study is awarded as part of a need-based Financial Aid based on information received from the FAFSA. The Federal Work-Study Program provides jobs on campus for students with financial need allowing them to earn money to help pay education expenses.

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Important notice for international students who are student workers

According to current US immigration rules and regulations, on-campus work for international students is limited to 20 hours when school is in session (or 40 hours per week during official periods of break including the Summer term). School is considered to be in session from the Sunday before the first day of classes through the Saturday after the last day of finals. In order to ensure compliance with these provisions and also institutional policies, International Students and Scholars Services (ISSS) and WVU Tax Services monitors the hours worked by International Student Employees (ISE). 

Failure by the ISE to comply with the aforementioned regulations will result in termination of employment at WVU and of their F-1/J-1 Visa immigration status. ISSS will contact the ISE regarding the consequences of the violation and the necessary steps to regain valid immigration status. Notice of the violation will also be provided by Tax Services to the EBO/Department. Upon receipt of a notice of non-compliance, the ISE has been advised to contact their supervisor within the time frame noted in the non-compliance notice if they feel that their work hours have been reported incorrectly. 

Please note that the “3 Strike” rules are no longer permitted. Additional information and answers to frequently asked questions are available online on the ISSS page. Please contact ISSS with any additional questions at (304) 293-3519 or at

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